Higher Order Thinking and Coaching

Higher order thinking requires us to do something with the data we’ve acquired. It encourages us to comprehend the facts and to draw conclusions based on them. This level of thinking involves classifying and manipulating the things we know. It challenges us to join one set of ideas with other ideas to create a new idea. It pushes us to combine facts and to use them to create improved solutions to the problems we face. Higher order thinking can even assist us in spotting new problems long before they ambush us.

Two heads are better than one.

Two heads are better than one.

Higher order thinking works best when at least two persons engage in conversation. You’ve heard, “Two heads are better than one.” said many times. That’s where coaching can help you. As a coach, my part is to ask questions, many questions with a few observations sprinkled into the conversation, in order to stimulate your higher order thinking.

Let’s talk about how coaching might accelerate your progress toward your goals.

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