I serve you as your leadership coach. I work with you to accelerate your progress toward your goals. I

  • As your coach, I focus on you and your specific growth goals. No one knows your specific role and situation as well as you do. I recognize you as the expert in your work and support you as you discover your next steps
  • I work with you over an extended period of time (usually 6-12 months). Our ongoing conversation provides you with space needed to dig deep into your unique context and leadership challenges.
  • I ask you powerful questions to inspire your higher order thinking, discovery, clarity, and action.
  • I provide continuing encouragement, support, and a sense of accountability to ensure your follow-through on the actions steps you choose.
  • I do not mentor you.  A mentor tells you what he or she did and expects you to do the same. This can be very helpful if you can do what the mentor suggests or if the advice isn’t out-of-date.
  • I do not advise you as a consultant.  A consultant makes an assessment, gives you a prescribed program, and possibly talks to you about your first steps. This can get you moving if the consultant’s evaluation is accurate and appropriate for you and your team.
    Get out of that rut and reach your goals.

    Accelerating your progress toward your goals

    If you feel stuck, if you want to grow, if you’re ready to make significant progress in your life, your work and your leadership, let’s talk.

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