Are you stuck?

Feeling frustrated with a lack of progress? Know where you want to go but not sure how to start? Nothing frustrates leaders more than a lack of progress.

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Meet Coach Mark

Hi, my name is Mark Haines. I'm a happy husband, father, grandfather, and friend functioning as a leadership coach, mentor, and pastor.

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What I do for you

I serve as your leadership coach. I work with you to accelerate your progress toward your goals.

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Higher Order Thinking and Coaching

Higher order thinking requires us to do something with the data we’ve acquired. It encourages us to comprehend the facts and to draw conclusions based on them. This level of thinking involves classifying and manipulating the things we know. It challenges us to join one set of ideas with other ideas to create a new…

Why “higher order” coaching?

Why did I name my business “Higher Order Coaching?” If you have noticed that I function as a pastor, you may think “higher order” is a religious reference. But, that’s not the reason I chose it for the name of my business. Educators describe two classes of thinking – lower order thinking and higher order…

How to Evaluate Your Team without being Bossy

No one looks forward to receiving an evaluation from the boss. Everyone hopes for a big raise, however, very few expect to learn anything from the evaluation. There has to be a better winway.

Use these three questions regularly and watch your team’s performance improve.

  1. What went well?
  2. What needs improvement?
  3. What will you do differently next time?

These questions have several advantages.…